Teshuvah 2017 – Begins Today!

We are entering that season again...time for teshuvah! This teshuvah 2017 opened with a grand ceremony...the total eclipse of the sun! Did you get to see it? Where did you experience the eclipse and how would you describe it? We took the opportunity to show our daughter God's awesome creation and perfect timing. We then … Continue reading Teshuvah 2017 – Begins Today!


It’s a WONDER-ful Life!

​Last Christmas our 3-year-old daughter fell in love and became obsessed with the famous fictional character named Charlie Brown. I’m talking completely obsessed despite the fact that she had never even seen him on TV. All she had was a Charlie Brown Christmas music book that went with her wherever she went...to the grocery store, … Continue reading It’s a WONDER-ful Life!