Our Story

McDaniel Wedding-527 (2)

(Photo by Urke Photography)

John and Jennifer married in May of 2012. Experiencing love as a bride and groom has deepened their love and understanding of God’s Word. It has brought to life the reality of love between Jesus Christ and the Church, His Bride!

Elizabeth's 1st Birthday-51

(Photo by Urke Photography)

In June 2013, they were blessed by the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth!


They currently reside in the foothills of California where they like to spend time in the kitchen and great outdoors preparing and sharing meals and conversations with their family and friends.


John is an experienced Music and Worship Director and has led everything from contemporary bands and praise teams to classic choirs and orchestras.

His heart for worship is inspired by the Great Commission and the believer’s sincere response to God’s incredible gift of salvation!


  Jennifer joyfully embraces being a stay at home mom and has a God-inspired talent for writing. She recently wrote a Christmas Musical Drama titled, “A Royal Wedding” that she and John produced and directed together for Christmas 2015.

She is currently working on writing a book and possibly another musical drama in the future.


Together, John and Jennifer blog in hopes to declare the Good News and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Amen and Soli Deo gloria!

John’s Story

A Texas native, I grew up in a wonderful Christian family.  My father was a pastor and he led me to the Lord at the early age of 5 when I asked Jesus into my heart.  My love and understanding of the Lord has been marked with seasons of growth and discovery of God’s grace and His precepts.  Music was a large part of my family growing up!  We all sang together and played different musical instruments to the glory of God.  I excelled in piano, voice, trumpet and organ and went on to study music at Baylor University (BM-Church Music) and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (MA-Church Music).  It was at a revival service my sophomore year at Baylor that I sensed the call to ministry and I surrendered my life to the gospel ministry.  For over 20 years, I have served churches in Texas, California, Minnesota and Missouri.  I met my beautiful wife shortly after taking a position at a church in Northern California where she was also on staff.  We fell in love and were married just over two years later; and now we have a beautiful little girl.  Growing up in a pastor’s family, I was exposed to great teachings on Bible prophecy.  In the past several years, my passion for studying prophecy was rekindled by the discovery of the four blood moons and solar eclipses in 2014 and 2015.  For the past 25 years, I have also been intrigued with the Jewish Feasts as they relate to God’s plan and purpose for Israel and mankind.  It is my hope to lead others into a deeper relationship with the Lord and be a positive role-model for living a victorious Christian life in our ever-increasing tolerant culture.


Jennifer’s Story

While attending a Vacation Bible School when I was 7-years-old, I asked Jesus to come into my heart, forgive me of my sins and be the ‘boss’ in my life. My understanding of God and His ways came primarily through my Christian upbringing, attending church, participating in Bible studies, my personal quiet times and Holy Spirit encounters. I received a B.S. in Psychology from the University of California, Davis and a M.S. in Child Life from La Verne University. I have been called to ministry in the church for nearly 20 years whether it be teaching kindergartners, High School students or women, so it seems quite fitting that I fell in love with and married a worship pastor! About a year after marrying my husband, John, we began to talk a lot about Biblical prophecy. Something clicked for me and I have never been more excited about God’s plans and purposes through understanding His word! Perhaps I will be able to attend seminary someday if God permits. Truly, I pray our blog points you to Christ, draws you into closer fellowship with God and others, and reignites a passion within you. There is more than a lifetime of learning in scripture and I am excited to continue studying. Peace and joy to all who read. May you be blessed!

– Jennifer



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