Fall Feast Rehearsals

It has been a while since we have blogged…it’s been a little busy around here as many of you can surely relate. But, before we break down each fall feast in their beautiful details of foreshadowing and future fulfillments, we would like to briefly share the fun we have had these past few weeks in celebrating them this year.

Feast of Trumpets

As we shared in prior posts, Feast of Trumpets begins when the new moon appears. It begins the Jewish new year and since it is the only feast that falls on a new moon, it is also referred to as the unknown day and hour. It’s a feast with a little bit of mystery because when you read through Leviticus 23, all the other feasts have several components and instructions. Feast of Trumpets, on the contrary, is simply a day of blowing trumpets. It is the only feast that has over a hundred trumpet blasts with four specific rhythmic blows. The first is an awakening blast and the last is just that…saved for last and known as the last trump!

For many reasons found in scripture and in conjunction with Jewish culture, Feast of Trumpets is considered to be the future marriage of Christ to His Bride…the church. In order to get married, it only makes sense that Christ would have to first come get His Bride…referred to as the rapture, or snatching up, or catching away. We will examine the support for this in later posts.

So, how did we celebrate Feast of Trumpets? We continued to use the shofar app on our phones, but John found a live webcam of the Western “Wailing” Wall in Jerusalem and we tuned in for a couple days and got to hear the real shofar blasts throughout the day! It was a beautiful and sad experience. Beautiful because theses Jewish people are really wanting to seek repentance and blessing through their prayers for a sweet new year and sad because they have misunderstood and rejected Christ who offers both. Without a temple, we can only imagine the hopelessness they must feel.

We ourselves looked for the new moon (even in the middle of the night), but Wednesday came and went, Thursday came and went, but not a sliver of the new moon appeared. Friday morning we packed up and left for the Northern California coast where John had the honor of officiating a wedding for our friends. It was a perfect way to spend Feast of Trumpets as we anticipate Christ coming for us His Bride! Every Feast of Trumpets is a rehearsal for the marriage of the Lamb. Every marriage between a godly man and woman is a tangible, experiential glimpse of Christ’s love for us. Witnessing a wedding reminded us of how we felt before our wedding…excited beyond words and a little nervous about the unknown of how life was going to be different as two become one. It is with the same excited yet anxious expectation we await the second coming of Christ.

McDaniel Wedding-378

Day of Atonement

Ten days after the new moon is seen, Day of Atonement begins. The day is initiated with a 25-hour fast, prayer, 5 services, sacrifice for atonement and wearing white to symbolize purification. There is much significance in the foreshadows and future fulfillment of this day too, which we will dedicate to a post of it’s own. The day is regarded as God’s final judgment, thus is why it is considered the holiest Jewish day of the year. To be honest, we admit we did not observe this feast as the Jews do. We actually got carried away with a limited opportunity to remodel our kitchen. Here’s where irony enters. We bought a new home a year and a half ago and immediately noticed flaws and blemishes with our kitchen. We eventually discovered major construction mishaps that actually posed safety risks. With some investigation we found out that the kitchen was constructed by an unlicensed felon! For a whole year, we sat in disgust every time we looked at all the imperfections of our kitchen. Long story short, we finally were allotted time and resources to fix the structure and paint over the cosmetic issues. We spent our entire Day of Atonement working furiously. We hardly ate anything (maybe a granola bar for lunch) and ended up covered with white paint. Our cabinets now serve as a visual reminder of atoning…making right what was wrong. We certainly do not mean to take the day lightly, we revere His holiness and our need for atonement. However, we claim the blood of Jesus as the once and for all atonement for our sins. If we confess our sins He is faithful to forgive.



Feast of Tabernacles

Last but not least, Feast of Tabernacles is an exciting feast full of rejoicing! To describe it’s celebrations in very simple terms, it is a cross between a wedding reception (think lots of food, people, music) and the Olympics (think torch, lights, nations). But, yes you guessed it, we will post all the fun details in another post. If you have been following the blood moons, then you know that the second blood moon in the 2014-2015 tetrad fell on Feast of Tabernacles. The blood moons serve as book ends for the feasts this year. The first blood moon fell on the first feast (Passover) and the second blood moon on the last feast. This will also happen in the same manner next year.

Before bed October 7th, we set our alarm for 3:30am. We awoke just before the fullness of the lunar eclipse. Because our entire Bible study has been following the feasts and studying Revelation together, we knew they were planning to watch too. We sent out a mass text that read, “Wake up, O sleepers and look at the moon!” Only close Bible study friends allow you to text sarcasm at 3:30am! We got texts back immediately stating they were already awake. One family even woke up their four children (the youngest just 7 months old) and sent us a picture of all them in the backyard on a blanket. It was in that moment I felt so excited to be a part of something so big and together with other believers. It was a special time of watching and waiting together.


It also just so happened that we were gifted tickets to a King & Country concert at a local church for the next evening. Jenn felt like the only one present crying just 3 songs into the concert overwhelmed by such joy in being together with others as we sang and danced in worship to God. It was a beautiful rehearsal for the millennial and heavenly unity and praise we get to participate in one day.


During the dinner reception at the wedding we attended during Feast of Trumpets, we had the privilege of sitting next to and talking with a lovely couple about the feasts of the Lord. As we were discussing Feast of Tabernacles, the gal shared how she and some family friends have celebrated with a progressive dinner party. If you’ve never done a progressive dinner party before, it is a group of people who alternate hosting each course of dinner. So, appetizers would be at one house, main course at another house and dessert at yet another house. The significant symbolism is that Feast of Tabernacles is a reminder of temporary dwelling. Therefore, a progressive dinner party also achieves the same feeling of temporary dwelling as you travel from home to home. So creative and something we would love to plan for next year!


We would love to hear if and how you celebrated the fall feasts in comments below. Stay tuned for posts digging deeper into the Biblical historical, foreshadowing and future fulfillments of these fall feasts.


– John & Jenn


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