Our Favorite Rosh Hashanah Links

Did anybody else have a sweet Rosh Hashanah meal last night followed by a sugared up toddler? Our meal was concluded by a 3-year-old meltdown begging for more honey after licking her bowl to the very last drop. It made me think…how many times do we cry and demand more blessings rather than gratitude after receiving good things from the Lord? 

Our daughter may not understand the reason for our celebrations or more accurately our rehearsal for God’s appointment with us at Rosh Hashanah, however, once tucked in bed last night she had some mature ideas regarding Christ’s return. She told me that His trumpet might be too loud and that she’ll have to cover her ears. Then she admitted that she hoped Jesus won’t touch her. Of course, I thought “WHAT?! Where have I gone wrong in teaching my daughter about Jesus’ love?” But, I restrained my deep concern and gently reminded her that Jesus loves her so much that He’ll want to give her a hug when He returns. Her reply to me was heartbreaking yet awesome. She wrapped her arms around herself as if demonstrating a hug and said, “But he might get His owies on me.” My dear little child understands Jesus’ owies, the cross and death, but understanding that Jesus is now alive and scarred is a little harder to grasp. After offering some clarity to my daughter about Jesus’ ressurection and scars, she ended the conversation with “I don’t think God will have honey in heaven, but I hope he has lollipops!” I’m not sure if she likes lollipops for their taste or the way it changes the color of her tongue as she giggles looking in a mirror.

We thought today we would share some of our favorite links that we have shared with our daughter to help us celebrate Rosh Hashanah together in fun, music and learning. Hope you enjoy as we continue the Feast of Trumpets.

Shana Tova!

~Jenn and John

Western Wailing Wall Live

During the day you can even hear the shofar being blown in Israel! *Note: Israel is 10 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.

Rosh Hashanah Jumpin Jerusalem

A couple presents the meaning of Rosh Hashanah to children in a simple and cute way.

All about that Rosh

A talented guy sings accapella about Rosh Hashanah


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