Teshuvah Prayer Guide (Sept.18-23)


As we are nearing the Feast of Trumpets (Sept. 24-25), we continue our prayer guide.  Teshuvah will last through the Day of Atonement (October 3).  Next week, we will explain in more detail about the fall feasts.  Nearing Feast of Trumpets, you may have noticed the moon is appearing smaller and later each day into the evening; and it will go in “hiding” until the new moon appears sometime on Feast of Trumpets.  Until then, keep reading Psalm 27 every day, sounding the shofar (trumpet), and following the prayer guide for repentance (Teshuvah).  The only thing you need to do differently will be on September 23.  On that day, do not sound the shofar in anticipation of Feast of Trumpets.  We do this to remind us that something is about to happen! It’s like the calm before the storm.

Read Revelation 3:14-22

September 18     Lack of passion or zeal

September 19     Self-glorification

September 20     Lack of intimate fellowship with the Lord

September 21     Resisting God’s discipline

September 22     Making God in our image

September 23     Re-read the entire Teshuvah prayer guide prompts (Sept. 1-22) and reflect on what God has impressed on you during this time of repentance.  Remember do not sound the trumpet on this day!

Teshuvah 2

~John & Jenn


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