Teshuvah Prayer Guide (Sept. 9-17)

We hope everyone is growing in their relationship with the Lord during this time of Teshuvah (repentance).  Our prayer guide continues with the next nine days covering three churches in Revelation (Thyatira, Sardis, & Philadelphia).  Continue to read Psalm 27 daily and sounding the shofar (trumpet) along with our prayer guide.  Blessings to those who are participating.  We would enjoy hearing about your experience, but we also know this is a very personal time between you and the Lord.  Feel free to share in general.
Pray together
Read Revelation 2:18-29
September 9       Sexual immorality
September 10     False doctrine
September 11      Rejecting God’s ways
Read Revelation 3:1-6
September 12      Being unaware of God’s warnings
September 13      Casual or carnal Christianity
September 14      Quenching the Holy Spirit by elevating
                               man’s standards above God’s standards
Read Revelation 3:7-13
September 15      Failure to acknowledge the Messiah is coming
September 16      Failure to endure patiently
September 17      Lack of reverence for God’s holiness

In repentance,

John & Jenn


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