Teshuvah Prayer Guide (Sept. 1-8)

Invite to Prayer
For those who are praying daily and seeking to be in an attitude of repentance (Teshuvah), we are going to provide you with topics to think on and areas of your life you may want to seek repentance.  Continue to read Psalm 27 daily and sound the trumpet as a call and reminder to repentance.  From now until the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) beginning at sundown on September 24, we will focus on the seven churches in Revelation as a guide for repentance.  Here are the topics for September 1-8. Read the scripture reference and pray for repentance from following:

Read Revelation 2:1-7

September 1     Failure to love one another

September 2     Serving the Lord without love

Read Revelation 2:8-11

September 3     Spiritual poverty

September 4     Fear of suffering for Christ

September 5     Lack of faithfulness to Him (the Lord) who is faithful

Read Revelation 2:12-17

September 6     Pagan practices within the Church

September 7     Looking to our government to provide and protect

September 8     Rejecting God’s ways


In prayer,

John & Jenn

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