We have at least 5 different translations of the Bible in our home and with the handy-dandy YouVersion Bible app, many versions are readily available at our fingertips. Everyone has their preferred translation though. There was a past generation that believed only the KJV was credible. Then came a generation that preferred the easy read NIV. Recently, ESV seemed to grow in popularity, but now it seems there is a broader preference. While the essential integrity of scriptures remains intact across versions, there are subtle differences. Scripture will not contradict itself since God is the author and His word is true. So, if you see something that appears contradictory, you will need to cross reference, put it in context, and look at the Hebrew or Greek meaning since there may not be an equitable English word. We will denote which translations we use and will do our best to provide the Greek or Hebrew — though we are not studied in either language — when it provides deeper, fuller understanding to what we are studying. We recommend you download a Bible app that has multiple translations so you can toggle back and forth with us. Click here to download YouVersion!

Bible app 2

John and Jenn

P.S. YouVersion has an interactive Bible app for kids now! Sign-up at



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